art based in Unravel, Tokyo ghoul op

today i can listen the full opening and see the translaion, the letter is really anwesome, and made an art based in the opening

i made this doodle to celebrate the 666 likes in my facebook page ovo ,

the artistic name that know Fauros is “The Puppet Master”

comming soon starts a new plot

samfklsa Some days ago, shown me  a pic made (2 days ago/2 years ago?)  which featured  a Lil’ crush which we had in  a AU (Genderbender: Male!Yue (YUI)and female!Coma (COMI)

The gengar plush is one of Yue’s treasure, which was given as a gift to Coma,  to his precious, and best friend.

the second prize for lizzy

sorry for delay, but his is  the winners from the chibi rafle , now send the pm

coloring grayscale (improviment color about chorus )